Monday, March 7, 2016

March 2016

Finally starting to get over the surgery!

We were having a lazy late afternoon waiting on Daddy to get home, they already had baths because a storm was coming. 2 seconds phone went off saying there was a tornado warning in the area.

Luckily, Daddy came in just in time to run up and get MG's mattress and get us all in the closet under the stairs to be in our safe place.


This kid loves bubbles

Easter egg hunting at home

Zoo day!

We took a day trip to the lake!

Boat rides are the best!

The day wore them out and they slept the entire way home!

February 2016

A dentist came to preschool and talked about the importance of brushing your teeth!

He decided he didn't want to take a nap on this day, we went for a walk that afternoon and he slept the whole way. 

Park before the storm!

Bradley loves Jake. He takes him everywhere.

Painting turned into face painting

Daddy put gel in his hair after bath one night!

McWane Center fun!

Molly Grace had a dentist appointment and the perk to knowing the dentist very well means they get to shoot the water squirter all across the room!


Valentine's Day

4 year check up! she had to get 4 shots and did AMAZING. 

Potty trained!! He went from wearing diapers one day to underwear the next and has done so well!!

Pirate Princess day at preschool!

McWane Center

Love them so!

Bradley has had chronic infections for about a year. Ear infections and sinus infections. On February 29, we went in and he had tubes put in, adenoids taken out and his turbinates in his nose shrunk. We are hoping it will help with everything. 

Sweet girl!

January 2016

Their favorite place to be!

Grammy and Papa came over and Win and I went to a movie and dinner. On the way home, we got a flat tire. Win changed the flat, put the spare on and it was flat. Papa had to come help!

Making cookies for her birthday party!

Flower cookies for a flower party!

how is she 4????

Last sleep before she turned 4!

My big 4 year old.

They sang to her at school and she got a birthday hat!

Her girly flower party as she asked for

Looking at the moon.

More dress up days

Off to the orthopedic dr to check her leg. She had a stress fracture, but luckily it healed on its own.

bike riding days

Sunday best!